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The Pantry Magic franchise offer comes as a complete, turn-key package; no previous retail experience or kitchenware business experience is necessary. Pantry Magic management will assist with site selection, fitting the PM shop template to the chosen site, construction supervision, on-site training, complete supply of inventory and operation systems, and ongoing new product innovation and introduction, plus an annual marketing and promotional calendar.

Do you have what it takes to be the proprietor of a Pantry Magic business? Our partners are:
  • Committed: retail is a difficult business with long hours and little time off. You need to be willing to work long hours, standing, and dealing with a steady stream of rather different people all day long, including working weekends.
  • Food enthusiasts: you must have a love of food and cooking. You have to be passionate about our business and bringing this to your customers. You will need your background as an ex-F&B person or an enthusiastic home cook in order to understand our products and how those products are used in kitchens and in cooking. In fact, former restaurant people make some of our best Franchisee candidates, since their knowledge base is ideal, and they are used to working long, odd hours on their feet.
  • Financially capable: the total investment to open your first PM store is about US$150,000. This includes franchise fees, construction, and all store opening inventory. (Your individual situation may differ somewhat; these are average figures.)
  • Aware of the local retail market: you need to be able to choose good retail sites for your stores. This involves knowledge of your local market, retail real estate trends, and the shopping patterns of your local target consumers. We do almost everything else for you, but you are expected to know your local market best, and we rely on you completely to choose the best retail sites for the stores, once given our general size and other guidelines. This is a major responsibility and the only one which you have to undertake mostly on your own.
  • Good marketers and self-promoters: you will also be responsible for all of your own purely local marketing and PR. We will provide you with all of the source materials you need, and have a staff of graphics and web design people to do all of your design and artwork on your behalf. We can also advise you on a good mix of strategy and share best practices from other markets, but you must know your own local food & wine promotion market - and your consumers - well enough to put together a good marketing and media plan.
  • Generally capable: we assume you are ready, willing and able to put in the substantial time and commitment to make a small business work, and that you are personally effective and capable enough to accomplish significant and challenging tasks and goals.

If this sounds like you, and if you want to know more, then let us know! Asia-Pacific is our core footprint, but we are expanding into other markets. If you think specialty kitchenware retail will work in your area, send us a note and let’s get talking.